Michel and Veronique Sallin: A Family Business, From France to Florida

Even though they’re first-generation Florida Grapefruit growers, the Sallins feel like citrus is a part of their blood.

Michel and Veronique Sallin didn’t grow up on Florida Grapefruit groves, but even as first-generation growers, they immediately felt that it’s a family business. Coming all the way from France, the pair didn’t know exactly what to expect from growing citrus, but it’s become a part of their lifestyle. Luckily, their love for grapefruit has passed to the next generation. Their children, Melanie Ressler, Timothee Sallin and Chloe Gentry, have been deeply embedded in their parents business their whole lives. Michel and Veronique have always dreamt that one day they would be able to pass their legacy on to their children. In February, the couple was able to see this dream come true as they announced their retirement and the appointment of their children as co-CEOs of IMG Enterprises.