Statutes and Rules governing the Florida Department of Citrus

The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) Rules page gives visitors easy access to
Ch. 601, Florida Statutes and Ch. 20, Florida Administrative Code,
current rulemaking, and reports required by the Department of State and the Governor.

Florida Citrus Industry Official Rules

Pursuant to Chapter 601, F.S., The Official Rules Affecting the Florida Citrus Industry, Chapter 20, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) have been adopted and published by the Florida Department of citrus. Chapter 20, F.A.C., 2018 Edition (Rev) contains all information regarding rules of General application, Fresh Fruit regulations, Processed Products regulations, and Special Subjects, including trademarks, Agency Organization and citrus fruit dealer license requirements and procedures.

Florida Citrus Industry Official Rules and Statutes

Statutes and Official rules affecting the Florida Citrus Industry, Chapter 601, Florida Citrus Code and Chapter 20, Official Rules Affecting the Florida Citrus Industry

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Rule Amendments

Initial rulemaking for March 21 FCC meeting.

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Current Regulatory Plan

Ch. 120 requires each state agency to prepare a report on what rule making the agency expects to approve during the fiscal year. This report is updated and added to the website on October 1.

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Archived Biennial Reviews

The Biennial Compliance Economic Review documents required in 2011 under the Governor's Executive Order 11-01.

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Emergency Rules

Emergency rule 20ER17-4 approved by the FCC on December 14, 2017.

Emergency rule 20ER17-5 to be presented December 20, 2017. A request from the Packers Association to lower the minimum acid requirement on oranges from .40 to .36 through March 2018.

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2017 Report on Minor Violation Rules

As required by Section 120.695, F.S.

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