France was the Florida Citrus industry’s largest European export market for fresh Florida Grapefruit in 2020-21, valued at over $8.16 million. In fact, the market for grapefruit in France grew by nearly 5% in 2020 compared to the year prior. Although domestic grapefruit production continues to expand, it falls well below demand. As such, the country relies heavily on imports to satisfy demand, which have remained steady over the past several years.

In relation to Florida Grapefruit Juice, exports are usually processed through ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp, making it difficult to calculate exact sales data. However, export data shows that total grapefruit juice exports to the EU have remained consistent over the past several years, demonstrating that consumers there still have a preference for premium quality grapefruit juice from overseas. Moreover, the suspension of retaliatory tariffs will allow French consumers to enjoy grapefruit juice for a lower cost, helping to stimulate increased sales going forward.

Overall, Florida Grapefruit still has a quality reputation in France, considered to be a premium product and, for many consumers, the best grapefruit in the world. As such, many in France are willing to pay higher prices to consume Florida Grapefruit. However, going forward, this brand perception must be continually reinforced in order to grow sales among various consumer bases.

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