Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian came ashore on Wednesday, September 29, 2022 and delivered devastating impacts to the state of Florida and the Florida Citrus industry. Tied for the fifth strongest storm on record, this category 4 hurricane made landfall in Ft. Myers, Fl slowly moving across the state impacting every major citrus growing region. Florida Citrus growers have centuries of experience dealing with major weather events and overcoming obstacles. They are resourceful, resilient and remain dedicated to providing the best Florida Citrus in the world.

The following page is an official resource for those seeking to learn more about the economic impact of Hurricane Ian on Florida’s iconic citrus industry and efforts to rebuild groves and communities in the wake of this historic storm.

Media Inquiries

Please direct all media inquiries to:

Samantha Lane
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Community Resources

More information can be found on the below websites.

The official page for the Florida State Government.

The official page for NOAA, working to keep the public informed of the changing environment around them.

The official page for FEMA, coordinating within the federal government to make sure America is equipped to prepare for and respond to disasters.