Steve Johnson

One of the reasons that Florida Citrus is so special is the conditions in which they grow. Another reason is because of the resilience and ingenuity of the people that grow it. Steve Johnson one of the growers that best embodies the spirit of Florida Citrus growers.

Ned Hancock

Ned Hancock knows he’s biased, but he has the utmost confidence that he and his compatriots in the Florida Citrus industry grow a product that’s far juicer, tastier, and safer to those grown anywhere else. And as a 5th generation citrus grower, it’s hard to argue that Ned doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Paul Meador: A Sense of Pride

Bearing the name “Bare Hammock” and rows of beautiful orange trees situated in the sunny Flatwoods area, Paul Meador’s groves are a pretty idyllic place. And despite the challenges he faces each year, Paul remains an optimistic believer in the many benefits of the Florida Oranges he grows.

David Wheeler: A Family Business

David Wheeler’s family has been growing citrus for more than 50 years, but that doesn’t stop him or his brother, Mark, from getting up every day with a commitment to harvesting some of the juiciest, sweetest oranges in the world. Even if his day always starts in the office, one of the things David enjoys […]

Marty McKenna: A Family Affair

Marty McKenna, a third generation Florida Citrus Grower, has been actively involved in the Florida Citrus industry all his life.

John Barben: The Business of Citrus

Deep in Highlands County, you will find John Barben, a fourth generation Florida Citrus Grower, tending the groves his grandfather planted 60 years ago. Barben’s love and commitment to Florida Citrus provide this industry with a true champion to the cause to ensure future generations will be able to carry on this noble and vital […]

Francisco Pines: A Citrus Tradition

Francisco Pines, a second generation Florida Citrus Grower, has been running successful citrus groves for more than 16 years and has the track record to prove it. However, he couldn’t do his job without the help of his brothers and friends in the citrus industry. Pines wears many hats. When he isn’t practicing law out of […]

Emma Reynolds Ezell: Listen to the Trees

Emma Reynolds Ezell is a fourth generation Florida Citrus Grower and young-tree manager. She raises orange trees from the moment they are planted until they are four years old and ready to bear fruit. Ezell graduated from college with a Masters in Finance. But when jobs in the banking industry were scarce, she shifted her […]