Preparing for Cold & Flu Season

With the first signs of cold and flu season appearing, it’s time to look at ways you can prepare and keep your immune system healthy. Research shows that staying hydrated and consuming 200 mg or more of vitamin C per day on a consistent basis throughout the year may help boost your immune system.

Florida Orange Juice, a vitamin C-rich drink, is a key source of nutrients that helps support your healthy lifestyle year-round, especially when cold and flu season hits. One 8-ounce serving of 100% orange juice provides more than 90 percent of your Daily Value of vitamin C and is a good source of potassium and folate. Plus, 100% orange juice has a unique a powerful polyphenol called hesperidin.

Before you come down with a sore throat, pounding headache or achy muscles, try these simple tips for preparing for cold & flu season: