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Nutrition Materials

The Florida Department of Citrus knows that you are a trusted and valued source of information about food and health for consumers who want to lead healthier, more active lives. At a time of growing concern about the health and weight of the nation, promoting a healthy eating pattern that focuses on choosing nutrient-dense foods and beverages within calorie needs has never been more important.

Florida Orange Juice is a naturally nutrient-dense beverage that can be part of a healthful diet to promote nutrient adequacy and improved diet quality, and has been associated with beneficial effects on certain health markers.  We have developed a Health Professional Educational Toolkit to provide you with facts about the nutrition and health benefits of including Florida Orange Juice as a part of a healthful diet that can be shared with your patients and clients. The Toolkit includes the following:

Key Research Findings Support the Role of Florida Orange Juice in a Healthy Diet: Highlights scientific support and research findings that document the nutrition and health benefits of consuming Florida Orange Juice. 

Make It Count – The Facts About Florida Orange Juice and Fruit Intake: Illustrates the role of Florida Orange Juice in helping Americans meet daily fruit intake recommendations as a complement to whole fruit. 

Squeeze the Most out of Beverages with Nutrient-Dense 100% Orange Juice: Outlines the nutrient contributions of Florida Orange Juice to the diets of adults and children.

We hope the information in this Toolkit and the other resources listed below will assist you in providing sound and evidence-based advice to your clients and patients about consuming 100% orange juice as part of a healthful diet.

Pediatric Practitioners