The Official Drink of Spring Break®

Florida is well-known for being a spring break destination with sunshine, beaches, theme parks…and delicious Florida Orange Juice.

Florida’s subtropical climate with abundant sunshine, warm temperatures, ample rainfall, and sandy soil not only make it an amazing vacation spot it also provides the perfect environment to grow the sweetest and juiciest oranges in the world.

Florida Oranges dot our license plates, serve as the official state fruit and even become Florida’s official state beverage when squeezed. Florida Orange Juice has even been dubbed, “The Official Drink of Spring Break®“. People everywhere enjoy the great taste and nutritional benefits of Florida OJ whether drinking it by itself or in their favorite cocktails and mocktails. In fact, American’s buy more orange juice than any other fruit juice and for many, it’s a household staple.

Orange text "Did you know?"

More than 90% of oranges grown in Florida are squeezed to make Florida Orange Juice.