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Florida’s climate is ideal for growing juicy oranges perfect for 100% orange juice. With its subtropical temperatures, abundant sunshine, distinctive sandy soil and ample rainfall, Florida offers all critical components to produce a bountiful, high-quality crop.

“In Florida, we’re special because we have the best quality fruits grown in the United States,” said Florida Citrus grower and vice president of Barben Fruit Company Inc. and Robert J. Barben Inc.

Florida’s climate enables the state to be the second largest producer of citrus in the world and the largest producer of 100% orange juice in the United States. More than 95 percent of oranges grown in Florida are used to produce orange juice and about half of the orange juice Americans drink hails from Florida. In the 2016-17 season, which ended in June, Florida produced 68.7 million boxes of oranges.

Thanks to its special climate, the Florida Citrus industry contributes $8.6 million to the state of Florida and supports 45,000 jobs.

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