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The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) open government page gives visitors easy access to information about the FDOC from how to request a public record to the Department’s budget priorities and contracted vendors.

Open Government FAQ

How can I request copies of public records from the Department of Citrus?

The Department of Citrus is committed to providing public access to agency records in compliance with Florida’s Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. If you wish to make a public records request, you may direct your request to any Department employee or to the Department’s public records/open government contact person (identified below). Members of the news media should direct their requests to the Public Relations Manager at 863-537-3999.

How can I share my comments with the Department of Citrus?

The Department is always glad to hear from interested parties. You can send a message to the Department by emailing us at info@citrus.myflorida.com. It is the Department’s policy to collect no personal information about you when you visit our website, unless you specifically choose to provide that information to us. You can learn more by reviewing our privacy statement.

Where can I learn more about FDOC’s operations?

You can read brief descriptions of our activities at About FDOC or browse through the website to learn more about Florida citrus and the benefits it provides to consumers and to the State of Florida.

Department of Citrus Open Government Bill of Rights

  1. Members of the public are entitled to be treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism when dealing with the Department of Citrus.
  2. Public records requests do not have to be made in writing, unless a specific statute requires otherwise. In that case, the person making the request shall be told which statute imposes the requirement.
  3. All public records requests shall be acknowledged and handled promptly and in good faith, as required by common courtesy and Florida law.
  4. If the Department asserts that any requested public records document is exempt from release, the public has the right to receive a clear explanation.
  5. Fees charged by the Department to make public records available shall not exceed the amounts authorized by law, and the Department shall clearly specify the statutory authority for such fees.
  6. Access to public records and to public meetings is a right granted by Florida law and will be respected at all times.

To Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse:

All complaints against the Department of Citrus should be directed to the Department’s Inspector General.

Statement of Organization and Operation

This statement of agency organization and operation has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Section 28-101.001, F.S. and is available to any person upon request.
Statement of Organization and Operation

Contact Information

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