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Domestic Marketing

What We Do

Advertising Florida Citrus has been a priority of the Department since its start in 1935. Even then, campaigns touted the superior juiciness of Florida Citrus and its role in good health.

Today, those same messages are shared with consumers around the world in new and innovative ways.

How We Do It

The Department’s Global Marketing team uses digital marketing, e-Commerce, social and earned media, as well as some traditional retail activations and trade support in international markets, to drive sales of Florida Citrus.

In the US, the team focuses primarily on driving sales of Florida Orange Juice through e-Commerce targeting light and lapsed orange juice buyers.

These activities are supported by awareness-increasing programs such as social media and digital advertising that target all consumers with messages encouraging orange juice consumption.

This year’s campaign, which can be viewed here, builds upon The Original Wellness Drink message to promote the health benefits of Florida Orange Juice as well as highlight Florida attributes that make this such a great place to live, visit and grow citrus.

Additionally, the team stays on top of trending issues among consumers, assesses risks, and protects the reputation of Florida Citrus as part of its issues management program.

Why We Do It

A massive increase in demand for online grocery shopping during the global pandemic is here to stay.

Last year’s FDOC e-Commerce campaign drove nearly $25 million in attributed sales of orange juice. Retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger expect double-digit percent increases in online grocery sales in the next five years.

The ability to specifically target light and lapsed OJ buyers based upon their prior shopping behaviors is highly effective and efficient, allowing the FDOC to show measureable results that help support the Florida Citrus industry.

Consumers continue to seek out foods and beverages that play a role in immune support and offer health benefits. Raising awareness of scientific research behind Florida OJ through social media and digital marketing allows us to connect to consumers and remind them why we continue to be America’s favorite fruit juice.