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The session focused on analyzing research in the area of control and eradication of the bacteria in the tree.

LAKE ALFRED, Fla. – Members of the Citrus Research and Education Foundation received an update Tuesday on the progress of a recent session focused on analyzing the complex world of citrus greening research.

Organized in response to an industry-wide need for more in-depth analysis and evaluation of research, the first knowledge mapping session, held over two days in October, tackled the topic of control and eradication of the bacteria in the tree. Susan Logue, director of research and development at PepsiCo, presented an overview of the session to CRDF board members.

Fourteen participants identified research themes, reviewed and discussed ongoing research projects and identified follow-up areas.

Day two of the session focused on discussion concerning standardization, centralized testing and consistent measures of success as well as areas CRDF can have immediate impact.

Participants also discussed the need to ensure research is not duplicated through increased transparency and collaboration – a problem compounded by intellectual property concerns surrounding research.

“We need to continue to be persistent. We can’t let it be an excuse,” said Mike Haycock, vice president of operations at Tropicana and a Florida Citrus Commissioner. “We really need to focus on progress reports. Getting real data on what they did and didn’t learn is critically important.”

A final list of recommendations and results of the session will be presented at the next CRDF board meeting on Jan. 27.