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Bartow, Fla – In the April USDA forecast of the 2022 – 2023 citrus season, the USDA projected production at 16.1 million boxes of Florida Oranges, 1.7 million boxes of Florida Grapefruit, and 500,000 boxes of Florida Tangerines and Tangelos. The crop forecast released on April 11, 2023, was a small increase from the previous forecast released in March. The Florida Department of Citrus released the following statement in response to the USDA Citrus Crop Forecast for the month of April:  

“The slight upswing in today’s crop forecast serves as a modest but motivating testament to Florida Citrus growers’ dedication and passion as they continue to overcome obstacles facing our industry,” said Shannon Shepp, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Citrus. “The industry as a whole will continue to build off this momentum as Florida growers work day in, day out to repair and replant following the lasting effects of extreme weather and deploy cutting-edge technologies in the fight against greening.”  

About the Florida Department of Citrus 

The Florida Department of Citrus is an executive agency of the Florida government charged with the marketing, research, and regulation of the Florida citrus industry. Its activities are funded by a tax paid by growers on each box of citrus that moves through commercial channels. The industry employs more than 33,000 people, provides an annual economic impact of $6.935 billion to the state, and contributes hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues that help support Florida’s schools, roads, and health care services. For more information about the Florida Department of Citrus, visit FloridaCitrus.org/newsroom.