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BARTOW, Fla. – The Florida Citrus Commission voted Wednesday to hold an informational workshop on the possibility of implementing a federal program to market orange juice.

Known as a Federal Marketing Order or Federal Research and Promotion Program, the initiative would be funded by a new tax assessed on all domestic and imported orange juice. The initiative would provide funds to market the general category of 100% orange juice. Florida’s citrus growers currently pay a tax that supports the Florida Department of Citrus and is focused on 100% Florida Citrus products.

The workshop will provide a history of previous studies on the topic as well as insights on the process involved in implementing such a program.

The workshop will be scheduled for a date in March and will be open to the public.

According to Commission Chairman Marty McKenna, “Given the Commission’s composition and charge, it is very appropriate for us to host this workshop. This is an issue of vital interest to Florida growers, and we are the only public body charged with representing every grower in the state. We will, obviously, welcome and encourage the participation of all interested parties – either individual growers, grower organizations, processors or other stakeholders. This open and inclusive process will yield the outcome our industry deserves.”

About the Florida Citrus Commission

The Florida Citrus Commission is the governing board of the Florida Department of Citrus, an executive agency of the Florida government charged with the marketing, research and regulation of the Florida citrus industry. The commission is a nine-member board appointed by the governor to represent citrus growers, processors and packers. FDOC activities are funded by a tax paid by growers on each box of citrus that moves through commercial channels. The industry employs nearly 62,000 people and provides an annual economic impact of nearly $10.7 billion to the state. For more information about the Florida Department of Citrus, please visit FloridaCitrus.org.