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BBC.com: An article discusses the changing American breakfast and what people are eating instead. The article discusses the decrease in sales of various traditional breakfast foods, such as orange juice, stating “orange juice sales plummeted to the lowest in a decade, according to the Florida Department of Citrus.”

The article also reports, according to Harry Balzer, a food industry analyst for market research firm NPD Group, “people are looking for products that save them time,” such as Chobani yogurt and “one that matches their personal definition of what a “healthy” breakfast should be.”

In discussing the shift to healthier breakfasts the article states, “cereal and orange juice have had the pulp beaten out of them is because of a shift away from sugar and carbohydrates toward yogurt and sandwiches with protein-rich fillings.”

RunnersWorld.com: An article reports new research conducted by Norwegian researchers suggests those with the greatest relationship satisfaction drink the least sugary beverages.

The article reports the study surveyed more than 90,000 pregnant women on their consumption of sugary drinks, such as cola, soda and juices, and their relative feelings of loneliness and relationship satisfaction. They also documented the women’s marital status, close social ties apart from their romantic partner, and feelings of group cohesiveness at work.

NYDailyNews.com: An article discusses the dramatic PSA “Rewind the Future” from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, which attributes childhood obesity to parents teaching bad habits.

The video begins with a 300-pound man named Jim who suffered a heart attack at just 32 years old and flashes backward through his life of unhealthy habits. The rewind takes viewers all the way back to Jim’s mom giving her crying son a sippy cup full of juice that appears orange in color and french fries.

Online.WSJ.com: An article by Alexander Wexler reports that forecasters predict Florida will harvest its smallest orange crop in 50 years during the next crop year. The piece notes that citrus greening is among contributing factors to the decline.

Further, the article reports that this slide in production comes at a time when orange juice demand is waning, as a result of rising orange juice prices and more variety in the juice aisle.

Online.WSJ.com: An article discusses Brazilian “Orange King” Jose Cutrale’s bid to purchase Chiquita Brands International.

The article notes that Cutrale’s family-owned orange juice business contributes to 80 percent of Brazil’s global orange-juice exports, but citrus greening and weakening demand for orange juice have fueled Cutrale’s decision to diversify his business operations.

In reference to the decline of the orange juice market, the article states: “Citrus growers in Florida and Brazil are grappling with citrus greening… Meanwhile, orange juice is disappearing from many breakfast tables as beverages like energy drinks and designer coffee siphon off younger consumers.”

TheLedger.com: An article by Kevin Bouffard discusses the bacterial disease “post blossom fruit drop,” which causes fruit to drop from trees in the earliest stages of development.

The article notes that this disease compounds the problem of citrus greening, which causes fruit to drop from trees just before harvest.

HeraldTribune.com: An additional outlet shares TheLedger.com piece by Kevin Bouffard discussing the state of the Florida citrus industry’s marketing efforts as it battles citrus greening disease.