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How do some of the world’s best women’s soccer players fuel up for a big game? A glass of 100% orange juice.

U.S. Women’s National Team fitness coach Dawn Scott shared the pre-game meals of the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup winners in a blog post on USsoccer.com.

While some of the women opt for carb-heavy meals, others require something lighter that still delivers essential nutrients, Scott said.

“At the pregame meal, it might be that they can’t stomach a bowl of pasta for example so they take on a glass of orange juice so they are at least getting the carbohydrates and the sugar in the drink, which is easier to stomach than the fuller-type food.”

Every 8 oz. glass of 100% Florida Orange Juice delivers great taste, vitamin C, potassium, folate and no added sugar.

And while on the field, stay hydrated and replenish carbohydrates (a valuable energy source for working muscles) with a blend of 100% Florida Orange Juice and water.