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SUART – Indian River Select and Publix invite you to enjoy the amazing taste of Florida’s famous Honeybell Tangelos blended with naturally sweet 100% Florida Orange Juice.

Honeybells have long been known as the ‘Jewel of the Florida citrus crop’ due to their sweet flavor, limited availability, and abundance of juice! Honeybell tangelos are revered by many to be nature’s perfect orange! We here at Indian River Select have masterfully blended the juice from the gem of the Florida citrus crop with other peak season tangelos and 100% Florida oranges to create the perfect citrus juice.

Due to the short season of Honeybell perfection, this juice is only available as a limited edition, so hurry into your local Publix and bring home a bottle today!

About Indian River Select

Indian River Select, LLC was founded by two native Floridians from citrus growing families: Cliff Burg, owner/CEO and 6th generation Floridian and Pat Schirard, president and 4th generation Floridian.  Both keep Florida’s citrus industry close to their hearts.  In a time when the giant national juice brands have turned to blending off-shore juices into their products,  Indian River Select remains one of the few premium juice companies that can proudly say that it is still 100% Florida juice.