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By Shannon Shepp, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Citrus

When it comes to orange juice, the Florida brand is strong. That’s the message stemming from a new study by University of Florida Agricultural Market Research Center Drs. Lisa House and Yan Heng shared this week in an FDOC webinar.

While awareness of promotions drives demand, it is further accentuated by consumers who are willing to pay more for OJ with any Florida label, according to the consumer choice study. This is especially true for those who purchase OJ monthly, have increased their consumption in the past year and strongly agree with the good attributes, such as the health benefits of OJ. But regardless of purchase history or view, the brand image of Florida is strong and impactful on consumer decision making. Having Florida on the product label provides the best value, however any Florida content can increase willingness to pay. Maintaining increased consumer willingness to pay is beneficial for Florida-sourced oranges and grower returns.

As the entity responsible for promoting Florida’s Citrus industry, the FDOC is committed to highlighting Florida in communications with consumers. In fact, the Florida Orange Juice logo combined with the tagline “The Original Wellness Drink” delivers messaging to consumers that signifies the Florida premium along with the good attributes of OJ in one image – both of which are supported by research to contribute to increased consumption and demand. Further messaging is used to build upon the unique qualities of Florida Orange Juice and the health benefits a glass of OJ delivers.

This approach can be seen throughout all FDOC marketing initiatives, including the e-commerce campaign aimed at driving sales of 100% orange juice through retail partners. The program with Kroger, which launched in December, features digital ads (shown below) that focus on Florida while still referencing the nutritional benefits each glass provides.

As we continue to execute marketing programs that drive sales of Florida Orange Juice, we are led by both the desires of the Florida Citrus industry and the evidence-based research conducted by our talented partners. We look forward to sharing more about the FDOC’s activities in our upcoming Florida Citrus Commission meeting on Feb. 3 at 9 a.m. Details to come soon.

Originally published in the Florida Citrus Mutual Triangle