Finance & Budget

The Florida Department of Citrus’s finance and budget operations are within the limitations of legislative allocations for the current fiscal year. FDOC’s budgetary and financial material, as well as additional information, can be located within the resources below.

Internal Operating Budget

The Department operates on an internal budget within the limitations of legislative appropriations based on actual assessment rates for the current citrus season. Prior to the start of the fiscal year, July 1, the Florida Citrus Commission approves a Preliminary Operating Budget based on estimated crops for the upcoming season and an estimated assessment rate to fund approved programs. After the USDA Crop Forecast is released in October, the Commission approves a Revised Operating Budget with actual assessment rates. After the close of the fiscal year, June 30, an Annual Financial Report is compiled based on revenue expenditures. Below are the links to the Annual Financial Reports, Monthly Financial Statements and other financial resources.

Visit the Florida Fiscal Portal for more information on the fiscal status of the State of Florida and Agency Legislative Budget Requests, Governor’s Budget Recommendations, House and Senate Appropriations Bills and a variety of other fiscal publications.