Pan Europe, which for purposes of the Florida Department of Citrus’ marketing program includes the United Kingdom, Benelux, Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, continues to be the largest regional importer of grapefruit and grapefruit juice in the world. In fact, it has traditionally been one of the largest export markets for Florida Grapefruit and Grapefruit Juice. However, there are several factors which pose new challenges to this established trade relationship, such as obstacles to production and increasing global competition. As a result, total exports of Florida Grapefruit and Florida Grapefruit Juice to Pan Europe declined by 31.8% over the past year. While the pandemic caused sizeable shifts in consumer purchasing habits, many nonetheless continued to seek out premium Florida Grapefruit, especially for its immunity boosting qualities. Positively, this consumer perception helped to stabilize global consumption rates—a silver lining which helped keep Florida Grapefruit top of mind, especially among health-conscious consumers.

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