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April 25, 2018 by Newsroom Editor

May 4th 2018 – Celebrate the Amazing Inside Florida Orange Juice on National OJ Day

April 25, 2018 by Newsroom Editor

May 4th 2018 – Celebrate the Amazing Inside Florida Orange Juice on National OJ Day

Wake up with sunshine and feel amazing inside! We’re celebrating #nationalOJday with a free 1-hour yoga session followed by a delicious breakfast, sponsored by Florida Orange Juice. Attendees will receive a Florida Orange Juice yoga mat, water bottle and towel! Registration for our Aurora, CO event is below.

If we’re not holding an event in your area, you can still celebrate #nationalOJday with us. With no added sugar, nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and hesperidin and an amazing taste, there’s never a bad time to enjoy the amazing inside Florida Orange Juice. Grab a glass of Florida Orange Juice and follow along with us on social media as we celebrate everyone’s favorite sip of sunshine.

Smoothie Glass

Celebrate #nationalOJday with these healthy Florida Orange Juice-inspired recipes!

Learn more about the #AmazingInside health and wellness benefits of Florida Orange Juice from our partners.


Healthy Recipe with Florida OJ –

Green Power Smoothie

Love and Zest – Kristina LaRue, RD, CSSD


Overall Wellness and Nutrition –

Larkins Love Florida OJ

Kelly in the City – Kelly Larkin


The Amazing 5 –

Staying Fueled & Nourished

With a Baby On the Way

Make Today a Hollyday – Holly Boyd


Fitness/Rehydration –

Rehydrating After Exercise

Especially As a New Mom

fANNEtastic Food – Anne Mauney


Registered Dietitians share how you can incorporate Florida OJ into your everyday life to help support a healthier lifestyle.

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100% orange juice is Registered Dietitian Serena Ball’s favorite juice to give her kids because of the nutrient benefits and great taste. See how else Serena will be using 100% orange juice in her kitchen with a One-Pot Mexican Rice and Beans recipe that’s sure to please!


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Did you know that 100% orange juice and weight management goals are not mutually exclusive? Registered Dietitian Manuel Villacorta explains all the health benefits of keeping 100% orange juice in your healthy and balanced diet. Check out the video and blog for more!


Headshot Registered Dietitian amy gorinRegistered Dietitian Amy Gorin
Growing up in Florida, Registered Dietitian Amy Gorin knows just how to cool off on hot summer days. Her new Orange Strawberry Layered Smoothie is bursting with the nutrient benefits of 100% orange juice. The full recipe and blog can be found here.