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Florida Oranges

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Our Florida Citrus Growers’ process for cultivating citrus is not just a family tradition, it is a way of life. Typically in season from November to May, Florida Oranges are sweet in taste and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. They are also incredibly juicy so they are perfect for making fresh-squeezed juice at home. 

Orange Nutrition Facts

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 Florida Oranges are well-known for being rich in vitamin C, but did you know they are also a good source of other essential nutrients? Florida Oranges can help meet intake recommendations for certain key nutrients which many Americans are not getting enough of.

Orange Health Benefits

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Florida Oranges are not only delicious, but they also deliver a powerful combination of  vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that have associated health benefits. From helping to support your immune system to brain health, Florida Oranges are an excellent choice for overall health support.