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By Ned Hancock, Chairman of the Florida Citrus Commission

As the first wave of shelter-in-place orders expire and Americans begin to re-enter the world, it is safe to assume “normal” is still a long way off. Many will continue to work remotely, only leaving their homes for necessary items or trips causing them to rethink how they shop, cook, feed their families and connect with others.

At home media consumption is up for nearly every American. Family meals are making a comeback. Foods that have not been a pantry favorite in a long time are gaining in popularity. Change is happening rapidly.

To remain relevant, we must continue to connect with consumers in authentic ways that add value to their lives and helps them cope with pandemic-related life challenges. The Department of Citrus e-commerce program continues to be one avenue for this.

Since its launch in January, the program has driven more than $2.96 million in attributed sales of 100% orange juice, reached 228 million impressions and provided a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of $4.18. E-commerce sales at Walmart continue to be 30 percent higher than they were pre-COVID and there have been no reports of inventory issues.

Another way the FDOC reaches consumers is through videos that play on digital streaming channels, such as Amazon or HULU. These videos have reached audiences more than 616,000 times and nearly 99 percent of viewers opt not to skip the ads.

This type of program is a vital component of the FDOC strategy to drive sales. While it does not include an option to directly purchase orange juice, it serves as an awareness driver and reminder to add orange juice to their shopping list. The videos share the message of 100% orange juice as the “Original Wellness Drink” and highlight the straightforward, uncomplicated health benefits a glass of orange juice provides. The videos reach a large audience with the majority of targeted viewers being those who have not purchased orange juice recently.

Another example of programs meant to increase awareness includes National OJ Day, which is Monday, May 4. As a reminder, the FDOC will be celebrating with a toast to front liners and essential workers who keep us safe, fed and healthy. Head to FDOCGrower.com/industryresources to learn more about how to get involved.

If you missed Thursday’s webinar by FDOC’s Dr. Marisa Zansler on recent Nielsen sales data, a recording is available at FDOCGrower.com. The FDOC’s next webinar will focus on OJ research and messaging on immunity and will take place May 14 at 11 a.m. Details to come.

Originally published in the Florida Citrus Mutual Triangle