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Captain Citrus

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Hey kids! Captain Citrus here. I drink Florida Orange Juice every day to help me power up. It’s packed with amazing nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, and folate, and as a bonus, contains no added sugar. Florida Orange Juice is a good choice and it tastes great too!

Who is Captain Citrus?

Real Name: John Polk

Growing up on a citrus grove in Central Florida, John Polk always felt a powerful connection to the land. When a pair of mysterious Solar Pods appeared in his backyard, John instantly new they were meant for him. Harnessing the power of the sun and the powerful nutrients found in Florida OJ, the Solar Pods allow John to transform into Captain Citrus and give him the ability to generate glowing energy shields, nets and more. Captain Citrus uses these powers to protect his family, neighbors and the groves that he loves.

Captain Citrus quickly rose to fame when he teamed up with some well-known superheroes to Avenge evil inside and outside of the groves. These superheroes possessed special powers through their shield, hammer and iron. Captain Citrus appeared in three special edition comic books with this powerful group.

Limited special edition Captain Citrus comic books and promotional items are available for classroom instruction to educate on Florida Citrus. Contact us for more information on how to receive materials.

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Activities for Kids

Education can be fun and I’m here to show you how! If you’re ready to put your brain to the zest, download my orange-inal activity sheets here.