Family & Kids

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There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your family. So, gather around, grab a tasty glass of Florida Orange Juice and have a blast browsing our activity suggestions below!

Family Activities

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From step-by-step DIY projects to science experiments, financial lessons, seasonal crafts, tasty recipes and more, we have everything you need to have fun with your loved ones! 

wine cork reindeer ornaments

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments

Prep for the holiday season with your family and friends by making these adorable reindeer ornaments. Crafted from items that you can easily find around

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advent calendar

Advent Calendar

Create fun family memories as you prep for the holiday season by making your own advent calendar. Download our printable calendar and work with your kids

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Captain Citrus

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Never fear, Captain Citrus is here! My power is the ability to educate kids on the importance of wellness and making healthy nutritional choices. Learn more about my adventures here.