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Florida Orange Juice Mason Jar Salads

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Prep lunch for the week ahead by making a variety of Mason Jar Salads on Sunday night. Having prepared salads to grab and go throughout the week makes it easy to have healthier lunches every day. Also, by pairing your salads with our Easy Orange Salad Dressing, you’re able to get additional nutritional benefits from Florida Orange Juice. Our Mason Jar Salads make for an easy lunch or dinner option. Prep everything the night before and leave it in the fridge for your family to grab and go. Pair it with our Florida Orange Juice Balsamic Dressing for a great citrus taste.


Large Mason jar with lid Your favorite salad dressing and ingredients


1. Start with a clean Mason jar and be sure to have the lid handy.
2. Create the first layer on the bottom of the Mason jar by adding your selected dressing and other wet ingredients (tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, etc.). Try using our Easy Orange Salad Dressing.
3. Top the Mason jar with selected protein and other dry ingredients (greens, pasta, croutons, etc.). Try using our 5 Ingredient Asian Marinated Chicken for your salad’s protein.
4. Place lid on top of Mason jar and store in fridge until ready to eat. Remember to shake your salad and mix up your layered ingredients before eating.