Your body is starting to feel weak, you feel exhausted for no reason, and your throat is starting to feel a little tickly. So – you’re feeling sick, or you think a cold might be beginning to take hold of your body. Your mom has always told you that you’re not supposed to work out when you’re sick, but you’re supposed to meet your best friend at the gym in an hour. Should you go? These thoughts probably cross people’s minds every day. Do you know what’s accurate when it comes to the cold and flu? We’ve tracked down the facts to help you bust a few common myths.

Do you really know what’s factual when it comes to the cold and flu? Should you feed a cold and starve a fever? Does running out the door for work with wet hair leave you with a higher chance of getting sick? If you have asked yourself these questions, we are here to help.

Myth #1: Feed a cold and starve a fever, or feed a fever and starve a cold?

Verdict: A fever is unrelated to food intake, so trying to feed a fever probably won’t help. When you have a fever, you should consume liquids to rehydrate yourself. Lucky for you, Florida Orange Juice is the perfect source for staying hydrated! A 2016 study showed that orange juice had a significantly higher hydration index than water.

Myth #2: Can being cold cause a cold?

Verdict: Colds are caused by a number of different viruses (more than 200, in fact). So, simply being cold does not mean you are at risk of catching a cold. Colds typically do occur during cold months however, but you must be exposed to a virus to catch a cold.

Myth #3: Can my cold turn into a flu?

Verdict: No. While symptoms are similar, this is untrue as both illnesses are caused by different viruses.

Myth #4: Is it bad to consume dairy when you’re sick?

Verdict: Contrary to popular belief, dairy cannot cause mucus. However, it can make mucus thicker but that likely occurs if you already have a dairy allergy.

Myth #5: Should I be covering my mouth when I sneeze?

Verdict: Yes. It’s good to cover your mouth when sneezing (as those droplets can travel far). Also, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after sneezing, as you don’t want to transfer the virus onto objects that can be picked up by others.

Myth #6: Will going out with wet hair make me sick?

Verdict: No, simply going outside with wet hair will not cause you to get sick. A virus is what causes the sickness.

Myth #7: Should I work out when I am sick?

>Verdict: Regularly working out as part of a healthy lifestyle may help support a healthy immune system and therefore may help prevent you from getting sick in the first place. However, working out cannot help you to get over a cold once you are already sick. When you are sick, listen to your body and take rest when needed. Also, be sure to wipe down the gym equipment before and after you are finished. Try mixing 8 oz. of Florida Orange Juice with 8 oz. of water and a pinch of salt to help your body rehydrate and replenish potassium and carbohydrates.

We hope exposing the facts behind these common myths helped you to understand the cold and flu a little better. Stay well!