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Captain Citrus Money Management

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Teaching kids the value of money is important to do at an early age. The 10-10-80 method is one way to inform your kids how to save by breaking money into three buckets: 10% for generosity, 10% for savings and investing and 80% to spend.

To kick off your children’s money management plan, create your own Captain Citrus Money Management Tool leveraging the 10-10-80 method. The tool will educate kids on how to budget while instilling the importance of making wise financial decisions. Be sure to personalize the Mason jars with your kids to further customize the experience.

Example: If your child’s allowance is $5 a week, have them place $1 in a “give” Mason jar, $1 in a “save” Mason jar and the remaining $3 in a “spend” Mason jar. The amounts do not need to be exactly 10-10-80 in order to follow the method.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 Mason jars
  • Shoe box
  • 3 blank labels
  • Stickers, markers and Washi tape to decorate shoe box
  • A few coins to start saving


1. Decorate shoe box with stickers, markers and Washi tape.

2. Decorate each label and place on Mason jars.

3. Place Mason jars in decorated shoe box.

4. Let the money management lesson begin!