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Cold and Flu Myths vs Facts

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Your body is starting to feel weak, you’re exhausted for no reason, and your throat is starting to feel a little tickly. So – you think a cold might be beginning to take hold of your body. All the things your mom told you to do when you’re sick starts to cross your mind. Should you feed a cold and starve a fever? Can you really sweat out a cold with extra layers of clothing?

We can all relate to the myths or facts we were taught as a child – do you know which is accurate when it comes to the cold and flu? We’ve tracked down the truth to help you bust a few common cold and flu misconceptions.

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Myth 1:

Do you feed a cold or starve a fever?

Neither. A fever is unrelated to food intake. Consume liquids, like Florida Orange Juice for rehydration and a bonus source of Vitamin C.1

Myth 2:

Can being cold, cause a cold?

No. The common cold is caused by a virus.2

Myth 3:

Can a cold turn into the flu?

No. Different viruses cause a cold or the flu. However, sometimes the symptoms of each illness can be the same.3

Myth 4:

Can I eat dairy when sick?

While dairy cannot cause mucus, it may make existing mucus thicker.4

Myth 5:Can I eat dairy when sick?

No. The common cold and the flu are caused by viruses.5

Myth 6:

Can I sweat out a cold during a workout?

No. Working out may help support a healthier self, but it can not cure a cold. 6

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