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DIY Homework Caddy

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The new school year is an exciting, chaotic time for families. While you can always enjoy a moment of solitude with the delicious taste and great nutritional benefits that come with drinking Florida Orange Juice, the new school year always brings crazy schedules and new messes for families. One way that you can help your kids stay organized is with our homemade Homework Caddy. Customizing the Homework Caddy can be a fun experience for you and your family to show off your creativity and make homework time fun.

What you’ll need:

  • Cutlery caddy
  • 6 Mason jars
  • Homework materials (crayons, colored markets, ruler, glue sticks, etc.)


1. Gather 6 Mason jars. Fill each container with homework materials.

Optimized craft jars 2

2. Place Mason jars into cutlery caddy and you’re done.

homework station 3

3. Grab and use your homework caddy anytime you do homework.

DIY homework caddy 4

Helpful Tip: Have your kids decorate and personalize their homework caddy with colorful Washi tape.